About Us

In an effort to support the growth of Pencak Silat as well as other Malay related martial arts and culture, the Texas Association of Pencak Silat (TAPS) has been organized to better serve the community.

The objective of our organization is to provide means to study and develop an authority of knowledge in regards to pure, traditional and authentic martial arts from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  In a cooperative effort, students and instructors structured this association to provide information and instruction as well as build a network of knowledge representing various styles of Pencak Silat and related arts. 

Currently, membership in the Texas Association of Pencak Silat requires participation in any of our activities.  Please inquire for more information and join us if you are interested.  Membership will assure you are up to date with current events regarding our group and provide you with access to programs now forming among our member groups.